Episode 31 – Cozllegiate Edition


Welcome, newest students!  You’ve just entered the prestigious halls of one of the most venerated institutes of higher learning this planet has to offer.  Our lush and verdant common areas are great for tossing ’round the ultimate disc or hacking the sack.  Our bookstore offers ancient tomes and exorbitant prices.  Our food is … edible!  And our professors have all given up on life and have nothing left but filling young minds with the crushing truth about the outside world.  Fortunately you’re taking every single class with a fellow student so well-versed in all aspects of life and knowledge that you’ll get an easy A.  In fact, he’s your new dorm mate – he’s White Cosby!

White Cosby, back in college after that unfortunate incident on "To Catch A Predator."

White Cosby is going back to school after that unfortunate incident on “To Catch A Predator.”

So, in between crazy keggers, dangerous hazing rituals for your frat, and visits to the on-school clinic to check out that weird wart you got after the crazy kegger, you’ll want to consult this episode for White Cosby’s copious notes on such topics as:

  • Is There a Way to Mask my Bathroom Noises?
  • How Do I Stop My Daughter’s Whoring of my Granddaughter on Facebook?
  • How Can I Find A Stranger to Visit Thailand With Me?
  • How Do I Ask Out A Girl and Escape the Friend Zone?

But it’s not all studying and banging – White Cosby invites you out to the drive-in after the malt shop to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire for the latest World Famous White Cosby Movie Review!

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