Episode 30 – White Cosby’s Video Game Palace Explosion Noises!


Uncap a fresh batch of Gamer Grub.  Down two liter cans of Four Lokos.  Rub those Cheetos-smeared controller mitts together in greasy anticipation of the next gerenation of advice podcasts.  Check out this fat stack of day one DLC, fellow gamerz: White Cosby’s bringing the reviews straight to your hungry mouth, with all of the sprites and polygons, the bleeps and the bloops you murder-sim-loving couch jockeys need.

Abandon your loved ones immediately - videogames are happening.

Abandon your loved ones immediately – videogames are happening.

In between unreal matches of Unreal and marathon sessions of Marathon, White Cosby found the time to squat down and pop another episode out of his magic orifice, answering mind-blowing questions like:

  • PS4 or Xbox One?
  • Is it tacky to wait in the car while my wife gets us a table at a restaurant?
  • How do I make the moves on my girlfriend when her 95-year-old mother is around?
  • How can I make a Thanksgiving spent alone more bearable?

And since every single movie released this week is utter gutterswallow, White Cosby instead reviews every single next generation launch title in the first installment of the Soon To Be World Famous White Cosby Video Game Review!

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