Episode 9 – The Primrose Path of Poop


Classy title.  In this final episode before an unscheduled hiatus (long story short – it’s against Molemanic law to cheat at a game of Squash), the good doctor sticks to his guns, keeps his feet on the ground, and reaches for the stars of good advice.  He does what he does best, and this is him at his best, just like it was last time and the time before that.  All the best, each time better than the best before it.


White Cosby may be made of garbage, but his advice sure isn’t! LOOK ELSEWHERE FOR GUIDANCE, RACCOON.

This week White Cosby offers his suggestions towards a lazy fellow who can’t be bothered to take his dogs out to make a number doo, helps a poor victim exact revenge towards an unscrupulous trash can thief, and reveals the secret the religious don’t want you to know – it’s not mandatory to respect a faith or it’s goofy rituals!  Make sure you wear a plastic bag over your arm when handling this episode.

And don’t miss White Cosby’s spoilerific review of Fast & Furious 6, which breaks the mold by featuring muscly guys and scantily clad girls racing crazy machines near some explosions.  I wonder if he enjoyed it?

STOP FORGETTING – Submit a question for White Cosby by commenting on this post or by leaving it on White Cosby’s Facebook Page.  Download this show in iTunes and leave a review of 5 stars or more.  It feels like we’ve got to tell you this stuff every single week.  I’m glad we’re going on hiatus.  I need a break from you forgetful Freddies.

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