Episode 8 – The Tooth Hurts


Neither rain nor hail nor sleet nor snow, nor having his mobile command fortress plummet deep into a subterranean cave structure in Egypt will stop the deliveryman of good advice from reaching his audience.  There’s a package that needs a signature – it’s episode 8 of Ask Dr. White Cosby, and it’s just for you!

Inside the box - a steaming mugfull of this crap.

Inside the box – a steaming mugfull of this crap.

This week, White Cosby saves the world by preventing a misguided youth from ingesting the wrong beverages in the wrong season, teaches the kids of the Earth the latest dance craze, and helps wayward adults deal with awkward keepsakes and trophies taken right from their children’s mouths.  It’s a family friendly episode the whole family is sure to family.

And don’t hit the multiplexes this weekend until you’ve received the final verdict on “Star Trek Into Darkness” from Gene Shalit himself!*

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