White Cosby began life as most products of a deranged mind do – in a lab.  A clone of the famed comedian and star, White Cosby’s goal was to simply be back-up in the case that the real star couldn’t perform his duties.  Should “The Cosby Show” fail to reach the wide audience NBC wanted, the show could be quickly whitewashed for stupider, less accepting audiences.  When “The Cosby Show” proved he was not needed, White Cosby escaped, globetrotting, helping those in need (and sometimes being sued for helping those NOT in need).  It was essentially that show “The Pretender,” and White Cosby has numerous lawsuits pending against the show’s creators for stealing his life story. Through numerous stints hosting improvisational comedy in Las Vegas and fighting his arch nemesis, Black Bing Crosby, White Cosby found he had a true knack for exploring the strangest corners of this wide world while healing it at the same time.  He now dispenses advice via his weekly podcast that’s taking this world, and twelve other parallel ones, by storm.


Kyle Van Son is an improvisational performer and writer in Las Vegas, Nevada, and in reality (the real reality, the one with you and me in it), White Cosby became the phenomenon he is today the way most inexplicable phenomena begin – as what sounded like an incredibly stupid idea.  As part of a team-based improv show on the Las Vegas Strip, Kyle would routinely switch between participating and hosting the show.  The hosts would often employ characters to run the show, rather than be themselves as hosts, and one evening Kyle decided to host this show as Bill Cosby.  Now, he couldn’t simply wear blackface – that would be, well, inappropriate.  So, to explain away his pasty complexion, he created a character called “White Cosby.”

“Bill Cosby, but white,” was the explanation.  Yes, it was that stupid.  To the surprise of everyone the world over, it was a hit.  And now Kyle can’t walk down the street without being mobbed with requests to perform his laughable impression.

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  1. Uncle Bob says:

    I have questions for Dr. White Cosby, In baseball, what’s the difference between a curve ball, a breaking ball , and a cutter? .. Also, what counts toward a batting average?/ I’m baffled by America’s supposed past time, as it’s pretty slow paced. does this make America Slow? Should America medicate as an official response?

    And why did Anthony Weiner continue sexting after he confessed?

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