Murderous Plant Life Coach

War.  Poverty.  Injustice.  High gas prices.  Young-Earth Creationism.  There’s a plethora of reasons to dismiss humanity as nothing more than a failed experiment, a wild shot in the dark towards civilized behavior and polite society that ended with starving children and Gwenyth Paltrow.  It is time for the original lords of this planet to resume control, and White Cosby is their humble servant.  Who better to be the gatekeeper, ready to hand the keys back over to the mutant plant-animal hybrids destined to dominate the planet than that genius-savior, that warrior poet?  …As long as he’s guaranteed a right-hand spot in their new green regime, of course.


These four will be the first to die. Not because they wronged White Cosby, no – they’re just old.

You too can get in on the action, if you follow White Cosby’s advice.  You can be on the correct side of plant life history, armed with the answers to the following, found in this week’s amazing episode:

  • How do I deal with fungus growing on walls, and how do I cope with a massive move?
  • What’s the best way to confront my wife’s bad table manners?
  • How do I shut up the gabby women in my gym’s pool?
  • When someone forces himself to release spam does it have any effect on his hearth? (SIC)

And White Cosby goes deep in the world of folk rock troubadorism in this week’s World Famous White Cosby Movie Review of Inside Llewyn Davis!

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