Episode 25 – Zen and the Art of Cosby-Style Maintenance



You are at peace.  You breathe in the spirit unknown, filling your lungs and, as each bronchial passage is saturated with the essence of life, an overwhelming calm consumes you.  The oneness of all beings, the quality pervading all creation is, at once, becoming clear.  All lines converge, all experiences past and present are visible and true zen, true clarity is achieved.

No. Wait.  Not you.  White Cosby.  YOU are a wreck.

This was you just yesterday!  That woman didn't deserve what you did.

This was you just yesterday! That woman didn’t deserve what you did to her.

After an eye-opening stint at a rehab center, White Cosby has had his eyes truly opened.   Not that this has affected his ability to dole out the advice – that’s always been perfect.   And this week is no exception.  Find out the perfect, complete answers to questions like:

  • What Would White Cosby Have Done Differently Had He Been Black Cosby?
  • How Do I Tell My Low-Life Son I Won’t Co-Sign For Him?
  • Why Are Girls So Mean?
  • Can You Train A Collie To Be An Attack Dog?

And don’t think a life free of possessions and scaled down to the size of a miniature zen sand garden via experimental shrink ray doesn’t mean White Cosby doesn’t need to deliver another World Famous White Cosby Movie Review, this time of Ron Howard’s Rush!  It’s a relaxing, meditative episode sure to kick your ass!

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