Episode 24 – CozSpotting


“Hello everyone – my name is White Cosby, and I am addicted to everything.”

With those words, White Cosby began the long, hard road to recovery.  After snorting, injecting, licking, digesting, investing in, rubbing up on, absorbing, basking in, being radiated with, and soaking in every single corrosive, addictive controlled substance known to existence, White Cosby hit rock bottom.  Found in a massive puddle of his own leavings at the place where all the world’s miserable gutters intersect, this cautionary tale was scrubbed up, detoxified, and put through all of the steps you can count.  Now, 36 hours clean, he’s finally read to get back on the horse, advise the people, and leave his junkie friends behind.

This friendly smack-fiend was White Cosby's business partner until 5 days ago.

This friendly smack-fiend was White Cosby’s business partner until 5 days ago.

As part of his recovery, White Cosby’s been supplied with a microphone and a stack of your letters, questions, and cries for help.  In between bouts of manic sobbing and twitching wildly, the ethicist tackles:

  • How Do I Deal With Clients Who Refuse To Pay Up?
  • Should I Write My Teenage Memoirs Even If My Friends Think Its Stupid?
  • How Do I Convince My Luddite Mom To Get A Cell Phone?
  • How Do I  Grow a Manly Beard?

And as part of his group therapy, White Cosby and the rest of the junkie scum was taken out to the cineplexes to deliver a World Famous White Cosby Movie Review of The Wizard Of Oz in IMAX (although he may have become bored and wandered into a different theater.)

Listen, learn, grow, get clean.  We love you too much for you not to.

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