Episode 22 – Hortative Hedonism


Hortative (adj.) – tending to exhort; encouraging
Hedonism (n.) - he doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the highest good

So there you go.  White Cosby is back in a human body, his metallic frame rusting in the noonday sun.  Now, what you don’t know is – when you suddenly go from zero sensational input to 100% sensational input, it kind of overloads your head.  It certainly did for Mr. White Coz.  The man cannot get enough sugar, lard, male and female genitalia, roller coasters, true love, puppy kisses, bum fights, all-species orgies, fried foods that are then refried, immense sadness, marathons of the comedy stylings of Yahoo Serious and Emo Phillips, and other great stuff.  He’s gone overboard!  And who benefits? YOU.

There's no higher high than fighting women.  On a lot of drugs.

There’s no higher high than fighting women. On a lot of drugs.

In between snorts of every powder in reach (and whatever else he can turn INTO powder with his mortar and pestle), White Cosby has tackled such indulgent issues as:

  • How Can I Keep Myself Entertained on Long Car Trips?
  • How Do I Get Lipstick Out Of My Husband’s Underpants? – With Special Housekeeping Guest Martha Stewart!
  • Is It Offensive If I Use Ethnic Stereotypes While Eating Out?
  • How Can I Avoid Getting Into Physical Fights With Women?

And White Cosby, buried in popcorn and Bon Bons, takes a critical, bloody eye to Salinger in this week’s World Famous White Cosby Movie Review! (Although it sounds like he may have wandered into Riddick halfway through.)

So overindulge in this week’s madcap episode, shoddily recorded through a full bucket of fried chicken.


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