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Episode 21 – Cerebro-Coz

COMMUNICATION INITIATED. SECURE LINE FOUND. COMMENCE TRANSMISSION OF WHITECOSBY.COM DATA PACKET <EPISODE_21_> Quick! What happens to America’s favorite personality and the most helpful mind this side of Dear Abby’s frozen head in a jar when his body is stricken with

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Episode 20 – Invalid Instruction

…Not “invalid” as in “not valid.”  That would just be silly.  This episode is just as valid as any other, just as full of sound advice and just counsel.  White Cosby, while his faculties remain, is spending every waking hour

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Episode 19 – Green Cosby

The world is coming to an end, and we are to blame.  Humanity, through its constant selfish behavior, has plunged the planet past the breaking point, and now it’s only a matter of time before the seas boil, the coasts

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Episode 18 – Venti Counsel Macchiato

  Live from high atop his mountainous bean empire in the wilds of Peru comes the latest bracing cup’o’joe from White Cosby.  The finest, purest waters are brought to a boil, the Chanchamayo have been crushed to a fine dust,

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Episode 17 – Whine Country

Coming to you from his very own mobile acreage of American Viticultural Zone, White Cosby is all about the grape this week.  A true sommelier, his advice this week carries a heady aroma; there is a distinct yet subtle balance

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