Episode 16 – The Horse Show*



*Sorry.  This is kind of a misnomer.  This episode has, quite literally, nothing to do with horses.  Breeding, caring for, and looking after horses is not discussed.  Different varieties of horse, from miniature to noble Clydesdale – they don’t come up at all.  Nothing about ponies.  Mules, donkeys, other various off-shoots of horses – nope.  Horseback riding, saddle types, tips and tricks, maybe?  Sorry – doesn’t seem to be anything here about that.  What about betting?  Maybe White Cosby has the inside scoop on a race this afternoon.  …well, if he does, he doesn’t mention it in this episode.  Equine aficionado though he is, White Cosby flat-out ignores the topic of equestrian pursuits.  Not that he didn’t WANT to talk about horses all show long, far from it.  We simply didn’t have any questions related to horses this week.  C’est la vie.  What we DID get was a question about sex changes.


Guess which one of these smiling family members is post-op!

 It’s a delightful grab bag of topics this week, as White Cosby grabs a handful of sugar lumps, his riding crop, and dons his ascot and big-ass boots so he can confront issues like

  • What do I do with the old photos containing a pre-op transgendered family member?
  • Should I spill the beans to my significant other about our grand master plan involving those funnel cakes?
  • How do I respond to salespeople telling me to “Have a blessed day?”
  • What should I do if I take a nice gal out on a date and don’t get her home by her curfew?

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