Episode 15 – Food for Thought


We hope you’re hungry, because it’s snack time.  No, that’s not it – it’s more like a healthy, robust lunch.  A lunch with several courses.  A lunch that lasts for several hours, and actually you can’t really tell when lunch ends and dinner begins, and then when dinner ends and supper begins and then you get desserts.  That’s what this episode is like – a smorgasbord of good advice, tall tales (all true) and delicious whispers.  Also, if you haven’t guessed yet, all of this week’s issues are food-related.

Both food AND good advice used to be in here.

Both food AND good advice used to be in here.

Among this week’s culinary questions are chicken nuggets such as:

  • How do I catch a squirrel or two for my 1930′s-style Squirrel Pie?
  • What do I do if a dingo eats my baby?
  • How do I handle food left in the office microwave?
  • Should Thanksgiving be held in a house filled with cats?

…do you really need White Cosby’s help with that last one?  Either way, don’t forget to get your weekly dose of movie magic mouthery with The World Famous White Cosby Movie Review of R.I.P.D!

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