Episode 14 – The Circle of Life


…only in the wrong order.  You see, White Cosby isn’t like you or me.  His chronology isn’t linear, time does not pass from one point to the next with no hope of return.  All points converge in a multifaceted rainbow of possibilities for White Cosby.  He can see infinity, and witness the origins of good advice.  …At least, that’s what he’ll say if you ask him why this week’s questions are out of order.  It goes Birth, Life, Old Age, and Death, sequentially, just like that.  Someone should really tell him.

For a bastion of all knowledge, White Cosby* sure is lazy and uneducated. *That’s not White Cosby up there.


In this week’s episode, White Cosby puts on his pith helmet of life experience and skewers bad advice right in the gunnyworks.  Tackled to the ground this week are such life-spanning topics as,

  • How do I disarm an elderly relative in the early throws of dementia?
  • If I find a coworker is slacking off, do I report him to my boss?
  • If a friend’s plant died in my care, do I replace the plant?
  • What’s the right way to feel about folks who think babies should only be given traditional names?
  • And, don’t forget to stick around for the World Famous White Cosby Movie Review of Pacific Rim!

These issues apply to everyone across all walks of life.  That’s why this episode is for you.  YOU.  If, for some unthinkable reason, these questions DON’T apply to you, then that raises a new question – why haven’t you submitted your own request for advice?  You can do so by commenting right below this episode or by visiting White Cosby’s Facebook Page.  And don’t forget to check out the show in iTunes and give it as many stars as you can squeeze from your starsnatch.

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