Episode 11 – Trouble on Monster Island


Trouble on Monster Island, indeed.  I think that goes without saying, you know?  If you find yourself ON Monster Island, whether by choice or by the cruel machinations of fate herself, there’s probably, sooner or later, going to be some troubles.  Monster-related, most likely. That’s not to say that other troubles, owing their origin to completely monster-free sources, can’t arise.  I’m not sure what the food situation is on Monster Island, for example.  Is there clean water?  Are the non-monster natives friendly, and do they accept most currencies.  In any case, monster Island is a real place that sinners go to when they die.  Maybe – that was in a book I read.  Also, you and I call it “Australia.”  But thanks to the advice and wisdom of White Cosby, you can survive!


This is what the coast of Brisbane looks like.

Yes, White Cosby (currently trapped in a weird dimension he’s named and trademarked as “The Speed Force,”) has, in this latest episode, supplied you with the information you need to survive and thrive when moving to “Australia.”  The good doctor also answers the equally-important issues of “How do I get more sleep at night,” “Is there something wrong with me if I’m deathly afraid of going to the dentist,” and “What can I do to stop my mother-in-law from dressing my husband in her dead husband’s clothes?”  So grab a glass of warm milk, a surfboard, your latest dental X-Rays, and the dusty sports jacket of a recently-departed loved one and get ready to have your life fixed!  And don’t hit the multiplexes without hearing White Cosby’s verdict on World War Z!

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