Episode 6 – The Ravages of Time


This may be the first episode in which White Cosby actually gives some decent, relevant advice.  Not that his advice isn’t always 1oo% accurate, helpful, and insightful, of course.  But this time, the questions have less to do about sweater maintenance and Cosby Show castmates and more about how to deal with the ever-moving passage of time.  That slow tidal wave pressing incessantly towards destruction and decay, the drumbeat of time’s evaporating presence haunts us all.  Except White Cosby, of course.

This will happen to all of you. Even the women.

It is time to look inward and explore such subjects as “How do I keep my child from being such a spaz,” “is spring’s renewal a slap in humanity’s face,” and “how do I cope with the fact that I, like everyone around me, am aging, and that nothing will ever be quite so good again?”  The answer to all three is, “SUCK IT UP, WHINERS.”

Also this week, White Cosby reviews, in his World Famous White Cosby Movie Review, the world famous movie Iron Man 3!  Don’t see it without listening FIRST!

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One comment on “Episode 6 – The Ravages of Time
  1. Yeti Bob says:

    I am torn between wanting those 23 minutes of my life back, and hiring you to deliver the Eulogy at someone I don’t like’s funeral. thanks for your art?
    Uncle Bob

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