Episode 5 – MogWHAT?

You are lost.  Fumbling, blind in the darkness of ignorance.  You trip clumsily over inadequacy, you land face-first into a wet puddle of confusion.  You look up – is that a light in the distance?  The warming glow of knowledge?  Yes!  It’s episode 5 of the Ask Dr. White Bill Cosby Advice-Time Feel-Smarts Show!  Take a listen to expand your brain and learn all there is to learn in approximately 22 minutes.

That’s White Cosby, there on the left.

Your brain will thank you when it finally knows the answers to mysteries like ”Does White Cosby prefer Instagram or Classic Kodak film,” “Where does REAL Jell-O gelatin come from,” “And just what is going on with Gremlins, yo.”  And we know you’ll wet your seat when you greet the treat of a brand new World Famous White Cosby Movie Review!  Strap in with the straps, because it’s advice time.

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Bye, Billy!

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