Episode 4 – Humpf!

Another week, another 3 poor shlubs who need the awesome brain might of Dr. White Bill Cosby to steer them away from the choppy waters of indecisiveness and stinkin’ thinkin’ and into the calm docks of sound guidance.  If you’ve ever wondered just what the BEST tool is for gardening (and why gardening angers an already vengeful god), how to reignite that spark in the bedroom, or how White Cosby ever got so ghostly pale this is the episode to which you should listen.

(White Cosby HATES dangling prepositions.)

White Cosby doesn't know what this is.

White Cosby doesn’t know what this is.


After only twenty, yes, 20 minutes, you too will understand the finer points of lawn care (not really), the eight sure-fire tips to good sex times (yes, really), and whether or not White Cosby is ever fully torqued.

No, we don’t know what it means either.

Plus, there’s a brand new World Famous White Cosby movie review!  …no, not for Oblivion.  We’re not sure why White Cosby saw a terrible wedding movie instead of crazy Tom Cruise science fiction.  Still, though – Robin Williams as a goofy reverend, right?

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And good news, everyone!  The Ask Dr. White Bill Cosby Showtime Advice Program Hour is NOW IN ITUNES!  You simply can’t escape his wisdom!

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