Episode 3 – Food, Smokes, and Romance

Can you capture lightning in a bottle?  Probably, if this new episode is any indication!  Sit back with a sandwich, a cigar, and a loved one, and take an earful of episode 3 of the Ask Dr. White Bill Cosby Radio Listening Time For Living Better-wise!

This sandwich looks perfect. No, not perfect. Just really good.

What’s that? You don’t know HOW to make an AMAZING sandwich?!  You don’t understand the FINER points of CIGAR SMOKING!?  You have sex-time problems?  Then you really need this new episode – the ethicist tackles what makes a sandwich truly great, the secrets to looking super cool while smoking a cigar, and exactly how to pitch woo to the as-of-yet-unpitched-to.  (That’s fancy talk for banging a virgin).

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